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Quotation Warranties

Contract owners and drivers:

  • Are individuals
  • Are holders of a Cypriot or European driver’s licence for at least two years
  • Are permanent residents of Cyprus
  • Are aged between 23 and 70 years old (age last birthday)
  • Have not been involved in a car accident or convicted for a driving offence in the past 3 years
  • Have not had an application to insure their vehicle rejected or refused or cancelled or subjected to special terms by any other insurance company
  • Are not suffering or have not suffered in recent years of epilepsy or impaired sight or other physical or mental illness/disability

The motor vehicle to be insured:

  • Is a saloon vehicle
  • Is for private use, registered in the applicant’s name and is not duty free
  • Has a value of no more than €60,000
  • Is up to 20 years old
  • Is up to 2200cc
  • Is a right-hand drive, hard top and has not been subjected to any modifications
  • Is not currently insured with Pancyprian Insurance
  • Is registered in Cyprus
  • Is used anywhere in Cyprus where the government of the Republic of Cyprus exercises effective control and in the countries that have endorsed the Unified Agreement
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Agreement with the Privacy Notice
Car Value (€)
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Are all drivers aged 21-70?

Are all drivers holders of a normal driving license for at least 2 years?

Is the vehicle owner also a driver?

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Increase of cover of personal accident of driver