Relax. You're home.

House Insurance

Our home is probably one of our most valuable assets.  

It’s the shield that covers our dreams and precious moments with our family.
This is the reason we need to ensure that we provide appropriate protection from the unexpected.


Pancyprian Insurance created the ultimate protection with home insurance plans to provide for complete insurance
solutions to cover your needs, allowing you to enjoy your daily moments with peace of mind.

Private Residence Contract Basic

Basic covers

Fire caused by any peril not excluded

Damages caused by explosion

Damage caused as a direct result of Thunderbolt / Lightning

Flooding caused by accumulation of water

Loss or Damage occurring from earthquake or volcanic eruption including flood or overflow of the sea caused by this

Bursting, leakage or overflowing of a water tank, an apparatus or a pipe except from:
a) A drainage hole or septic tank
b) Loss or damage occurring while the Building remains unoccupied for a period longer than 60 consecutive days
c) Damage caused to such water tank, device, or pipe

Loss or damage caused by storm, tempest, cyclone except :
a. Damage to the Building by Subsidence or Landslip
b. Damage to property in transit or carried by a person

Impact with the Buildings of any vehicle or animal ( not belonging or under the control of the Insured or any member of his family, who usually resides with him) or aircraft or other aerial device or any article dropped therefrom.

Loss or damage directly caused to the Building by the malicious act of any person whether or not such act is committed in the course of a disturbance of the public peace.

Loss or damage caused by:
a) The acts of any person who takes part with others in any disruption of public peace in connection with a strike/lock-out or not
b) The action of any lawfully constituted authority in suppressing or attempting to repress any such disturbance or in minimizing the consequence of any such disturbance
c) The action of any lawfully constituted authority in preventing or attempting to prevent any such act or in minimizing the consequence of any such act

Private Residence Contract

Further covers for our plan Private Residence Contract

Theft accompanied by actual, forcible and violent breaking into or out of a Building or any attempted thereat, provided that the Buildings do not remain unoccupied for more than 60 days.

Compensation is provided against all sums for which the Insured may become legally liable:
(a) as owner of the building
(b) as a private householder occupying the building in respect of:
- accidental bodily injury (whether fatal or not)
- accidental damage to property
Occurring in or in connection with the Insured Building

In the event of the building being rendered uninhabitable by an Insured Peril the Insured will be compensated against:
- reasonable additional costs for temporary housing
- loss of the rent suffered by the Insured during the period which is necessary for the restoration of the building

In the event of loss or damage to the building by an insured peril the insured will be compensated against:
(a) architects and consulting engineers fees
(b) the costs of removal of debris or demolition.

Private Residence Contract Plus

Even more covers with our plan
Private Residence Contract Plus

Cover against loss or damage to personal belongings of any domestic Servant of the Insured, caused by an Insured Peril, whilst such personal belongings are contained in the Buildings or in any private residence, boarding house, lodging house, hotel within the Geographical Area in which such servant is residing with the Insured or any member of the Insured’s family normally residing with him shall not be entitled to indemnity under any other policy

Coverage of any accidental damage that occurs in the glass of the insured building during the Insurance Period

If the Insured whilst in the Buildings, suffers bodily injury by violent, external and visible means, or caused by thieves and if such bodily injury shall result in the death of the Insured, the Company shall pay compensation to the Insured ’s personal representatives

Additional covers for the plans of Private Residence Contract and Private Residence Contract Plus

Increase of the limit offered for the public liability at an additional cost depending on the limit chosen