Credit Policy

Credit Policy

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you on the implementation of our Company’s new Policy for the Payment of Insurance Premiums, which is in effect from 01/05/2020. 


Said payment must be made with one of the two following options:

1. Direct Debit

In this case, it is possible to pay the premium in up to 12 consecutive monthly instalments.  


2. Direct Payment to the Company     

In the case where there is no direct debit, 25% of the premium is payable at the onset of insurance cover and the balance must be settled within 3 months following issuance of the policy.


As provided in the insurance contract, the company reserves the right to cancel your policy if the above are not met.


For any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • by telephone at 77 77 21 71 or
  • through your agent.


Thank you for choosing Pancyprian Insurance and rest assured that we will continue to offer innovative insurance products and quality service for all your insurance needs.